Friday, October 7, 2016

Crowdmapping: A great way to discover spaces and rediscover places

By Leonardo Vazquez, AICP/PP,

When it comes to creativity in communities, there's a lot more there there.

But too many people overlook the spots where creativity happens -- restaurants, hair salons, a tiny tucked away dance school.  Too many ignore or don't see the potential of vacant spaces and blank walls.

Crowdmapping can help people see assets and possibilities.  In crowdmapping, people collaborate to create maps. They might map existing activities, suggest spaces for new activities, identify problems, or all three.  If led well, it can be an inspiring and fun social event that empowers people to design their communities. And it's an important tool for creative placemaking. NCCP used crowdmapping to help build the award-winning Creative Perth Amboy plan. 

You can learn to lead crowdmapping that helps you build good plans at our upcoming workshop:  Identifying and Mapping Creative Assets, October 18, 2016 in Burlington, NJ.  You will practice crowdmapping (bring comfortable shoes) and learn:

  • What to look for when looking for creative or cultural activities, or spaces for them to happen
  • How to 'connect the dots' to outline districts and paths
  • Ways to strategically engage people in conversations about place that go beyond what's on the ground
  • About free and low-cost online tools to do crowdmapping
Through a partnership with the American Planning Association New Jersey chapter, this workshop will be submitted for up to 6 AICP Certification Maintenance credits.

As an NCCP reader, you can get 25% off registration fees:  Use discount code NCCP10.  Member of Creative Teams that have been coached by NCCP get half-price seats.  But please know that there are only about 20 seats left for the workshop.