Wednesday, March 18, 2015

NCCP's work with Sustainable Jersey spurs creation of at least 46 Creative Teams in New Jersey

By Leonardo Vazquez

With the support of nearly 75% of the towns in New Jersey, Sustainable Jersey is one of the most successful programs working to protect the environment, enhance economic prosperity, and make places more livable.

For several years, NCCP has helped lead Sustainable Jersey's Arts and Creative Culture Task Force, and with our partners, we've helped promote broad partnerships and planning for creative

Under the Sustainable Jersey program, municipalities get points for taking a set of steps called 'actions'.  For example, educating residents about clean energy earns a municipality 10 points.  One-hundred and fifty points are needed for bronze certification; 350 for silver.

The Arts and Creative Culture Team developed three actions, which together are a guide for creative placemaking: Establish a Creative Team,  Creative Assets Inventory, Creative Placemaking Plan.  Together they provide 30 points, 20% of what a municipality needs for certification.

The Creative Team action is designed to help build diverse partnerships and a team of stewards for creative placemaking.  The Inventory action encourages towns to get to kno
w about creative organizations and people in their communities, as well as spaces for creativity.  The Plan action challenges towns to make creative placemaking part of their approaches to sustainability.

As of early 2015, at least 46 communities have put together teams for creative placemaking and applied for Sustainable Jersey recognition.  One -- Cape May -- has completed all three actions.

The Task Force is now working on another action that rewards municipalities for supporting arts and cultural projects.  The Task Force is open to anyone interested in arts, culture and sustainability; we welcome new members at any time.

For more information about the Sustainable Jersey Arts and Creative Culture Task Force, please contact Leonardo Vazquez by email or at 973-763-6352

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